How to prune and feed spring flowering plants

Callistemon ‘All Aglow’ will benefit greatly from a spring prune after it flowers

Spring sees a burst of flowering, but once the flowers die off, you can be left with an untidy plant. This is a very good time to prune such plants to encourage an even better display for the next flowering period. For some species the next display will be next spring but for others, such as repeat flowering roses, this may be a matter of weeks. Generally speaking you cannot go wrong if you simply cut 5cm or so below the spent flowers. If a plant shrub has become rather leggy it may be a good idea to cut it back harder although this may tend to retard flowering the following season.

To really get fantastic results feed and mulch your plants at the same time. Take care to use products recommended for the plants you are working with. For instance, native shrubs such as grevilleas and banksias will not respond well to products with too much phosphorus.