Agonis flexuosa ‘Midnight Shadow’ – Peppermint Gum

Agonis flexuosa “Midnight Shadow’ is a compact, evergreen large shrub to small tree with eye catching dark purple foliage, with red tones. It is fast growing, and has weeping foliage. It is cold and drought tolerant, and likes a sunny position. Some shade from hot afternoon sun and protection from winds is desirable. It makes a great contrast foliage colour in the garden, and is an easy care plant, being of naturally tidy habit. This plant also grows well in a large container, and stands out when planted against walls and fences. It is in the Myrtaceae family, and can be susceptible to Myrtle Rust.


Family : Myrtaceae
Cultivar Name: Midnight Shadow
Plant Type : Large shrub
Width : 2
Flowering Time : Spring
Soil Type : Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam
Climate Zone : Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean, Semi-arid
Growth Habit : Evergreen, Weeping
Soil Moisture : Well-drained
Special Uses : Bonsai, Erosion control, Playground friendly
Scientific Name: Agonis flexuosa
Common Name : Willow Peppermint
Height : 2
Flower Color : White
pH Level : Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Plant Environment : Low maintenance garden
Light : Sunny, Light shade
Lifespan :
Frost Tolerance :
Attracts Wildlife : Bees, Butterflies, Other insects