1 Pandorea jasminoides

Because it flowers right through the warmer months with gorgeous large bell shaped flowers in white, pink and dark pink tonings

2 Pandorea pandorana ‘€˜Snowbells’

Because of the amazing flower display in spring and its overall adaptability.

3 Kennedia nigricans (Black Coral Pea)

Because of its unusual and striking black and green flowers.

4 Tecomanthe hillii ‘€˜Edna Walling Island Belle’€™

Because of its tropical feel with big pink flowers and glossy green foliage.

5 Clematis ‘Southern Stars’

Because of its lovely display of large starry white blooms.

6 Hardenbergia ‘€˜Edna Walling Snow White’

Because of its brilliant white sprays of spring blossoms.

7 Pandorea pandorana ‘Golden Showers’€™

Because of its mass display of golden flowers in spring and fast growth rate.

8 Hibbertia scandens (Climbing Guinea Flower or Snake Vine)

Because of its glowing yellow flowers, snake-like stems and adaptability.

9 Sollya ‘Edna Walling Blue Bells’€™

Because of its beautiful blue bell flowers and non-invasive habit (it is a sterile hybrid).

10 Kennedia beckxiana (Cape Arid Climber)

Because of its large red and green flowers and vigorous growth habit.