1 Xerochrysum everlasting daisies

Because of their amazingly textured and brightly coloured flowers over many months of the year

2 Scaevola aemula varieties

Because of the mass displays of colour over many months of the year, and the neat habit

3 Anigozanthos (kangaroo paw) ‘€™Bush Pearl’

Because of its unique bright pink flowers that are produced all year

4 All Brachyscome (native daisies)

Because of their range of colours, adaptability and ease of cultivation and lightly suckering growth habit

5 Corymbia ficifolia and its cultivars (Flowering Gum)

Because of their stunning flower displays in summer in a range of colours, so attractive to nectar feeding birds

6 Callistemon ‘€˜All Aglow’€™

Because of its bright new growth, purple-pink flowers and adaptability to heavy clay soils as well as other soils

7 Conostylis candicans (Grey Cottonheads)

Because of its soft silver foliage and bright bright-yellow flower heads

8 Wahlenbergia stricta ‘€˜Blue Mist’€™ and ‘Sky Mist’

Because of its royal-blue flowers, low-growing habit and ability to sucker lightly

9 Dampiera species

Because of their wonderful true blue flowers on a low growing plant

10 Correa ‘Catie Bec’€™ and other Correa cultivars

Because of their beautiful pendulous and colourful bell-shaped flowers through autumn and winter and easy care nature