1 Agonis flexuosa ‘Jervis Bay After Dark’€™


Because of its amazing dark-purple pendulous foliage and growth habit.

2 Callistemon ‘All Aglow’


Because of its bright new growth, purple-pink flowers and adaptability to heavy clay soils.

3 Grevillea ‘Lime Spider’€™


Because of its subtle creamy coloured foliage, with a beautiful feathery look.

4 Callistemon ‘€˜Great Balls of Fire’


Because of its bright reddish-pink new growth and very compact habit.

5 Syzygium ‘Cascade’€™

Because of its bright new growth and its purple-pink flowers.

6 Melaleuca linariifolia ‘Claret Tops’€™

Because of its fine grey foliage with bright new growth and very compact habit.

7 Melaleuca bracteata ‘Revolution Gold’

Because of its bright golden foliage and overall adaptability.

8 Westringia fruticosa ‘€˜Smokie’€™

Because of its tough nature and subtle variegated foliage.

9 Brachysema praemorsum ‘€˜Brown Butterfly’

Because of its wonderful dark foliage, complementary red flowers and low-growing habit.

10 Hakea victoria (Royal Hakea)

Because of its amazing multi-coloured foliage.