1 Agonis flexuosa ‘Nana’€™

Because of its weeping habit and adaptability.

2 Westringia fruticosa and its cultivars

Because of its outstanding reliability and tolerance of seaside conditions.

3 Thryptomene saxicola var ‘€˜F.C. Payne’

Because of its sprays of pink flowers throughout the year and an attractive plant shape.

4 Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine)

Because of its wonderful symmetrical growth habit.

5 Chamelaucium uncinatum (Geraldton Wax)

Because of its profuse flowering, perfumed foliage and dense growth habit.

6 Conostylis candicans (Grey Cottonheads)

Because of its soft silver foliage and bright-yellow flower heads.

7 Actinotus helianthi (Flannel Flower)

Because of its wonderfully textured flowers and silvery divided foliage.

8 Melaleuca fulgens (Scarlet Honey Myrtle)

Because of its spectacular iridescent flowers and attractive fine foliage.

9 Olearia axillaris ‘Little Smokie’

Because of its lovely grey foliage, masses of white daisies and very compact growth habit.

10 Ricinocarpos cyanescens ‘€˜Little Wedding Bush’

Because of its profusion of white flowers and naturally compact habit.