1 Agonis flexuosa ‘Nana’

Because of its weeping habit and adaptability.

2 Westringia fruticosa and its cultivars

Because of its outstanding reliability and tolerance of seaside conditions.

3 Thryptomene saxicola ‘F.C. Payne’

Because of its sprays of pink flowers throughout the year and an attractive plant shape.

4 Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine)

Because of its wonderful symmetrical growth habit.

5 Chamelaucium uncinatum (Geraldton Wax)

Because of its profuse flowering, perfumed foliage and dense growth habit.

6 Conostylis candicans (Grey Cottonheads)

Because of its soft silver foliage and bright-yellow flower heads.

7 Actinotus helianthi (Flannel Flower)

Because of its wonderfully textured flowers and silvery divided foliage.

8 Melaleuca fulgens (Scarlet Honey Myrtle)

Because of its spectacular iridescent flowers and attractive fine foliage.

9 Olearia axillaris ‘Little Smokie’

Because of its lovely grey foliage, masses of white daisies and very compact growth habit.

10 Leucophyta brownii (Cushion Bush)

Because of its beautiful foliage and compact habit.