Anigozanthos ‘Bush Bonanza’ – Kangaroo Paw

A hardy variety of hybrid kangaroo paw that has stood the test of time. It is a smaller growing variety with 1 metre tall lightly branched red-orange stems which contrast beautifully with the bright yellow flowers.  The strappy green upright foliage is also a feature. Grows well in all areas where there is good drainage, also great in large containers and self watering planters. Flowers in spring to summer and they make great cut flowers. Nectar loving birds are attracted to feed on the flowers. Feed in late winter to early spring when the flower buds are developing, once flowers begin to die off they can be removed to rejuvenate the plant- instructions for this are here>>>

Family : Haemodoraceae
Cultivar Name: Bush Bonanza
Plant Type :
Width : 0.5
Flowering Time : Spring
Soil Type : Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam, Potting mix
Climate Zone : Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean
Growth Habit : Evergreen
Soil Moisture : Well-drained, Moist moderate drainage
Special Uses : Cut flower
Scientific Name: Anigozanthos
Common Name : Kangaroo Paw
Height : 0.6
Flower Color : Yellow
pH Level : Neutral
Plant Environment : Courtyard, Container growing, Drought resistant
Light : Sunny
Lifespan : Perennial
Frost Tolerance :
Attracts Wildlife : Bees, Nectar eating birds, Butterflies