How do I look after my Citrus trees in summer?

The hottest period of the year is perhaps the most critical time for looking after citrus trees in order to ensure a good crop. The potential for plants to dry out is obviously greatest at this time; so ensure that plants are kept free of weeds or lawn to the drip line of the tree. Organic mulch, especially well-rotted animal manure is ideal to gently feed the tree while keeping moisture levels even. This will also make for a healthier tree that can better resist attack by pests and diseases as well as supplying you with organic fruit.

Two pests that are quite active in summer are stink bugs and scale. The first can be dealt with organically by picking them off with long handled tongs and drowning in a bucket of water, but be sure to wear eye protection as they squirt an acrid liquid when threatened. Scale can be killed by a white oil or pest oil spray which smothers them.