Dendrobium kingianum – Pink Rock Orchid


A charming smaller orchid, easy to grow among rocks or logs. They produce pseudobulbs, which have a fattened base which acts as a food storage, enabling survival in tougher conditions. Will thrive with a bit of extra care in the warmer months, but need less water in winter. Will form clumps, which can be divided to propagate new plants. Grows in most light levels including sunny, too much shade will lessen flowering. Though the common name of ‘pink rock orchid’ describes it well, white and near red forms can also occur.  Naturally occurs on the northern coastal areas of NSW up to southern Queensland, so likes warm temperate climates best, can be grown in sheltered spots further south where it can be protected from frost.

Family : Orchidaceae
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Scientific Name: Dendrobium kingianum
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