Why not brighten up your meals with the richly coloured petals of various flowers like nasturtiums.  Such plants can be easily grown in pots that can be made easily accessible to your kitchen. For all the plants mentioned below a reasonable amount of sunlight will be necessary for good flowering. In all cases harvesting the flowers for your kitchen will encourage the plant to produce new blooms through the autumn.


The large flowers come in a range of warm colours such as yellows and oranges and have a tangy flavour that is perfect for salads or as a garnish for cheese platters. The plants have a spreading habit so give them plenty of room.


This popular shrub can be grown in a sunny spot in the garden and flowers for much of the year. The deliciously fragrant flowers are great for spicing up desserts and are best used sparingly. They are excellent to garnish chocolate cake or and ice cream.

Calendula (Marigold)
These easy to grow annuals should be planted in spring. The petals provide a tangy and somewhat peppery flavour. The petals come in oranges and yellows and are can be sprinkled into salads and also soups.


Very pretty flowers like miniature pansies. A fairly bland taste but a very colourful garnish for salads, cakes and pastries. Australian native violas can also be used.


Sugar coated violets are a delightful addition to cupcakes and are simple to make. Pick perfect flowers, brush over with beaten egg white, coat with castor sugar and leave to dry in a just warm oven or in a warm place.

The flowers have a somewhat milder flavour than the leaves and are particularly good mixed into pasta. The easiest way to grow basil is by purchasing seedling punnets, as it is an annual that is fairly short-lived and will die after it flowers. Plant a batch every few months in frost-free climates for a continuous supply.


The delicate blue flowers can be used to add colour to salads and sweet dishes.