Elaeocarpus angustifolius – Blue Quandong

A handsome large rainforest tree, with pretty fringed cream flowers followed by useful shiny blue fruit. While it can grow to 50 metres tall in the tropics, it is somewhat smaller in cooler areas. Not for small gardens or anywhere near drains, as it has wide ranging buttress roots. The wood is useful, and the seeds are used for beads. The surrounding pulp is edible though sour and slightly bitter, it can be made into a paste when mixed with water.

Family : Elaeocarpaceae
Cultivar Name:
Plant Type : Small tree, Large tree
Width : 5
Flowering Time : Spring, Summer, Winter
Soil Type : Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Climate Zone : Tropical, Sub-tropical, Warm temperate
Growth Habit : Evergreen
Soil Moisture : Well-drained, Moist moderate drainage
Special Uses : Edible, Decorative fruit, Erosion control, Fast growing
Scientific Name: Elaeocarpus angustifolius
Common Name : Quandong
Height : 50
Flower Color : White, Cream
pH Level : Acid, Neutral
Plant Environment : Low maintenance garden, Container growing
Light : Sunny, Light shade, Half shade
Lifespan : Perennial
Frost Tolerance : Tolerates light frost
Attracts Wildlife : Seed eating birds, Butterflies, Other insects