Eucalyptus lehmannii – Bushy Yate

A lovely ornamental small tree growing to around 7 metres, with an attractive rounded and spreading habit and dense foliage which often hangs to the ground. The buds and yellow-green flowers in winter to spring are also a feature, and the resultant pointy gumnuts add interest. It can grow as a multi trunked mallee form, with smooth grey to pink, reddish and brown bark which sheds in strips. Comes from coastal areas in south Western Australia on sandy to stony soil, handles a wide range of soil types, performs best on lighter ones. Frost resistant once established. Looks lovely planted alone or in groves, also good for screening. A good smaller growing shade tree. The foliage has a strong menthol smell.

Family : Myrtaceae
Cultivar Name:
Plant Type : Small tree
Width : 4
Flowering Time : Spring, Winter
Soil Type : Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Saline, Poor soil
Climate Zone : Warm temperate, Mediterranean, Semi-arid
Growth Habit : Evergreen, Spreading
Soil Moisture : Dry, Well-drained
Special Uses : Cut flower, Fragrant oils, Decorative fruit, Erosion control
Scientific Name: Eucalyptus lehmannii
Common Name : Gum Tree
Height : 8
Flower Color : Yellow, Green
pH Level : Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Plant Environment : Low maintenance garden, Coastal garden, Drought resistant
Light : Sunny, Light shade
Lifespan : Perennial
Frost Tolerance : Tolerates light frost
Attracts Wildlife : Bees, Nectar eating birds, Butterflies, Other insects