What jobs do I need to do in the Australian garden in May?

This is a good time to be liquid fertilising bulb plantings such as daffodils and hyacinths that have gone in during early autumn and are now sprouting their new leaves. There is still time to plant bulbs such as tulips and sweet scented freesias.
If you live in a cool climate then it is time to protect any new plantings from frost by use of plastic or Hessian covers.
Purchase a flowering cyclamen pot for indoor decoration throughout the cooler months. It will thrive in filtered light in an unheated part of the house.
Divide up clumping herbs such as mint, thyme and oregano and plant in pots to reinvigorate the plants and have living gifts on hand for any occasion.
Go for a walk around your neighbourhood for new ideas. Take note of any plants you love and that look happy and healthy, as these are likely to thrive best in your own garden.
Divide perennial plants like kangaroo paws, Dianella, Lomandras, Agapanthus etc so that they will be well established by the warmer months.
Sasanqua camellias are flowering beautifully, so this is a good time to choose your favourite to add to your garden.
Seeds of winter vegetables such as broccoli, silver beet, kale, peas, carrots, leeks and broad beans can be sown.