Growing Cyclamen indoors

Cyclamen is one of the best winter flowering pot plants suitable for indoor decoration. By purchasing a nice healthy plant in late autumn or early winter you can have blooms for months during the cooler time of year when not much is happening in the botanical world. Look for a plant that has stocky rigid foliage and plenty of flower buds in all stages of development. Avoid any plants that are showing spots on the petals of open flowers as this usually indicates that a fungal disease has infected the plant. Cyclamen thrive in cool, humid conditions and are ideal for airy situations such as balconies and patios. Place a layer of pebbles in a saucer under your pot and keep some moisture around them, as this will raise the humidity around the plant. Never pour water directly over the crown of the plant and for best results feed the plant monthly with a weak liquid fertiliser designed for indoor plants. To reduce the risk of fungal disease, remove any dying leaves or flowers by twisting off and removing from the plant. Cyclamen like to be cool, so living in a heated room may shorten the plants life, but they will still live longer than a bunch of flowers from the florist.

Cyclamens go dormant in summer, and it is possible to rest the plant outside in the garden, in a shady spot. Turn the pot onto one side so that the corm doesn’t get too much water, which may rot it. Once the corm starts sprouting, in mid to late summer, it can be repotted into fresh potting mix.