How do I start a herb pot?

A fantastic way to provide fresh herbs for the kitchen is by growing them in pots. Perfect for this purpose are special herb pots that are tall enough to accommodate holes along the side of the pot, allowing a number of types of herbs to be grown in a small space. Such pots are especially suitable for those with small garden spaces such as courtyards and decks where it is easy to slip out and pick a few sprigs for your culinary endeavours. Virtually any herb can be grown in this way however, herbs that grow into shrubs such as rosemary will require a larger pot than the non-woody types.

It is particularly important for relatively long term container plantings such as tall herb pots that you use a premium grade potting mix as they will sustain growth over a much longer period of time. Whichever potting mix you choose it will also be important to feed your herbs after the first few months of growth. Complete liquid fertilisers are a good choice or alternatively a couple of handfuls of slow release fertiliser on top of the pot will can be used to ensure that your plants are fed every time you water.

You’ll need a sunny position¬†for most of the popular herbs such as thyme, oregano and rosemary. If your space is more shady, don’t despair, as there are some still some useful herbs you can grow, such as mint, chives, parsley and coriander.