Lagarostrobus franklinii – Huon Pine

A slow growing and long lived tree. Grows from 10 to 20 metres tall, and the branches are attractively weeping. In a garden situation it will take decades for it to grow to around 6 metres. It is dioecious, meaning it has male and female flowers on separate plants. Naturally growing along watercourses, they like damp conditions, and do not tolerate dry periods. Will grow in sunny to shady spots.

The timber has a very high oil content- methyl eugenol-  which offers the timber waterproof and rotproof properties as well as being insect deterrent. Plus it smells good. It is a softwood, making it easy to work with, it is highly valued for many purposes – boat and furniture building and carving.

It has a small natural range, in the south west of Tasmania. A valuable timber plant, it is illegal to cut down live trees, so only dead ones can be harvested to ensure the conservation of this relatively rare tree. They can live to around 3,00 years old, making them one of Australia’s oldest living organisms.

Family : Podocarpaceae
Cultivar Name:
Plant Type : Small tree, Large tree
Width :
Flowering Time :
Soil Type : Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Climate Zone : Cool temperate, Cool
Growth Habit : Weeping
Soil Moisture : Moist moderate drainage, Needs regular watering
Special Uses :
Scientific Name: Lagarostrobus franklinii
Common Name : Huon pine
Height : 25
Flower Color : Brown
pH Level : Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Plant Environment : Cold climate
Light : Sunny, Light shade, Half shade
Lifespan : Perennial
Frost Tolerance : Tolerates light frost
Attracts Wildlife :