There are lots of really great Australian organisations, and Landcare and Bushcare are two that love the Australian environment. A National movement that began in the 1980’s, it is devoted to caring for mainly public areas of bushland, wetlands and land surrounding waterways, with the involvement of volunteers. It is a great partnering of people who are enthusiastic about Australia’s environmental heritage with local councils and Government bodies.

People can get involved with-
•Bush regeneration, weed removal and habitat restoration
•Tree planting
•Monitoring and surveying of native wildlife
•Water quality monitoring
•Community education
•Growing native plants at community nurseries

Bushcare’s Major Day Out

This is a national day to encourage more people to participate in caring for their local native bush areas. It happens in September to coincide with Landcare Week.

Bushcare’s Major Day Out aims to make us conscious of the need to protect our bush while learning about the role we can all play in its continued care.

Get involved!

And if you want to know more about Bushcare, check out their website-

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