Lechenaultia macrantha – Wreath Lechenaultia


This is one of the most eye-catching wildflowers in the Western Australian flora. It is a prostrate herbaceous plant that comes up in profusion after bushfires in areas such as Mullewa several hours drive to the north east of Perth. It is occassionally offered for sale in the nursery industry but has proven difficult to keep going in cultivation, particularly in the more humid areas of eastern Australia. If you are going to attempt to grow it than it is best done in a small to medium sized pot or hanging basket.

Family : Goodeniaceae
Cultivar Name:
Plant Type : Ground cover
Width : 0.8
Flowering Time : Spring, Winter
Soil Type : Sandy, Sandy loam
Climate Zone : Warm temperate, Semi-arid, Arid
Growth Habit : Evergreen, Spreading
Soil Moisture : Dry, Well-drained
Special Uses :
Scientific Name: Lechenaultia macrantha
Common Name : Wreath Lechenaultia
Height : 0.2
Flower Color : Red, Pink
pH Level : Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Plant Environment : Container growing, Cottage garden, Flower garden, Drought resistant
Light : Sunny
Lifespan : Perennial, Short lived
Frost Tolerance : Tolerates light frost
Attracts Wildlife : Bees, Butterflies, Other insects