Macadamia integrifolia

The macadamia is a small to large tree that bears decorative trusses of cream flowers, followed by edible, nutritious nuts. It naturally occurs in Queensland, but has spread to other parts of the world where it is grown for the nuts.

It is a hardy and easy care tree best suited to sub-tropical to warm temperate climates. It prefers moist, fertile soils, with good drainage. Macadamias can be trimmed to keep them to a suitable height. Macadamias can be susceptible to phytophthera.

Family : Proteaceae
Cultivar Name:
Plant Type : Large tree
Width : 6
Flowering Time : Spring, Autumn
Soil Type : Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Climate Zone : Sub-tropical, Warm temperate
Growth Habit : Evergreen, Dense foliage, Spreading
Soil Moisture : Well-drained, Moist moderate drainage
Special Uses : Edible
Scientific Name: Macadamia integrifolia
Common Name : Macadamia
Height : 12
Flower Color : Cream
pH Level : Acid, Neutral
Plant Environment : Low maintenance garden
Light : Sunny, Light shade
Lifespan :
Frost Tolerance : Tolerates light frost
Attracts Wildlife : Bees, Butterflies