New Book Launch – environmentally sustainable ways to grow more with less

The launch of my new book, Future Proof Your Garden, co-authored with my daughter Emma Stewart, will be at Ryde Library on the 10th of November, from 7pm to 8.30pm. Attendees on the night have a chance to win a signed copy, along with an onsite bookseller for purchase of the book and I will be available for signing and questions.

Buy the book from my shop, or from Booktopia

The Gardening with Angus Seed Range

As a plant breeder I love growing native plants from seed, for a few different reasons. Seed grown plants are mother nature’s way of creating biodiversity that enable plants to adapt to changing conditions, a very handy thing given the current rate of climate change. It can also be a cheap way to get more plants for your buck, you can get species that may not be carried in nurseries, and you can direct sow which can suit some plants such as annuals better than transplanting….and it is fun and rewarding to pop a tiny seed into the soil and watch the birth of a new plant and see it grow to fruition! It is also a great activity to do with kids (of all ages)

I have carefully selected the range to provide something for every gardener in Australia, so it is important to look at each species on offer to make sure it is going to suit your particular part of the country. You can look at the detailed entries for each species in our plant database. Or we are putting the seed range into various native nurseries around the country so you can look at the detailed information on our unique fold out seed packets. The seed range  are either wild sourced from licensed harvesters or superior species selections grown in cultivation. The seeds are thoroughly tested for quality, viability & germination. They are meticulously cleaned followed by oxygen deprivation storage, before being sealed for freshness within a heat sealed seed sachet.

One of my favourite ideas for the seed range is to create your own Australian wildflower meadow in your garden, one that will attract birds and the wonderful diversity of pollinators that can also help your vegetable garden’s productivity.

wildflower meadow with kangaroo paws and everlasting daisies

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I have now released my new range of selected seeds, chosen to provide habitat for wildlife, for cut flowers, or just to look spectacular for containers and gardens…….available on my website shop>>>>

But wait, we know you want more…..

I also have a range of tube sized plants available again from my shop, grown and dispatched from Tasmania. Apologies to those of you in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory though, quarantine issues mean that we can only send plants to Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Queensland. Check out the range here>>>>