How do I grow Parsley?

This is one of the easiest of all herbs to propagate and grow. A punnet of seedlings or seed itself can be grown in the final position in the garden or in a container. Seed may take a few weeks to emerge so be patient. Parsley is best grown as an annual (ie renew plants every year) and thrives on being regularly harvested. If you are growing in a pot use a premium grade potting mix and after a couple of months either liquid feed or sprinkle around the base of the plants with a slow release fertiliser. Parsley can survive dry times, but regular watering and feeding will encourage lush leafy growth. Drought and heat may trigger the plant to go to seed, so give your plants a bit of tender loving care for long harvesting.

Harvest by snipping off sprigs at ground level for a wide variety of uses such as tabouleh or as a garnish for all sorts of dishes. Removing seeding heads will prolong the plant’s life a little. If you leave the heads to go to seed, once they have turned brown you can harvest the seed for future planting, or simply rub the ripe ones off and strew where ever you want new plants in the garden.