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Plants In A Box deliver premium plants with free shipping across Australia, using their own unique eco packaging. The packaging is designed to protect the plants in shipping and can then be composted or put in the recycling bin. Dispatching of the plants steers clear of unsustainable practices by minimising the use of plastic and other single-use items. The plants are grown using organic techniques wherever possible and integrated pest management techniques that minimise the use of artificial chemicals are utilised wherever possible.

Plants In A Box send native tubestock all around Australia

Plants In A Box has been packing and sending plants since 2014. They have grown since then, and now have over 800 varieties of plants and offer a good range of gardening accessories as well.  They grow an extensive range of Australian plants in tubes, carefully curated into collections for specific purposes in the garden. Establishing young plants from well grown tubestock such as these is a wonderfully cost-effective and fast way to add new plants to your garden.

Plants In A Box send native tubestock all around Australia

The Birds and Bees collection

All plant orders come with detailed growing tips.

Brachyscome tubes from Plants In A Box online nursery

Type DIGIT10 for first-timers too!