BIRD’S DELIGHT! – Correa Mix – 4 varieties, 8 tubes


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Correas main flowering time is autumn and winter, and the nectar rich flowers provide some welcome food for smaller birds as well as months of lovely colour for the garden at a rather bare time of year. They are low maintenance plants, drought and frost tolerant (some summer water maybe required in hot dry times), and are rarely troubled by pests. They like sun to part shade and adaptable to most soils provided they are well drained, dig in gypsum if you have clay soils.

Your pack will contain 2 tubes each of the following 4 varieties-

Correa reflexa ‘Northern belle’ – A low, spreading and dense shrub growing around half a metre high and to around 2 metres wide. It is a long flowering plant, mainly in autumn but spot flowering in other seasons as well, and the nectar rich pendulous bell shaped flowers attract small birds and a variety of insects. Likes sun to part shade, lighter to heavier soils as long as they are well drained. Suitable for coastal planting.

Correa baeuerlenii – Chefs cap Correa –  A useful small to medium sized shrub as it grows in sheltered half shady positions, where it will happily produce its interesting looking pendulous flowers mainly in winter, with spot flowering through the rest of the year. The flowers are used by smaller nectar loving birds for food. A hardy plant, tolerant of medium to higher frost levels and rarely troubled by pests. Naturally grows dense to the ground with glossy green foliage, occasional tip pruning will create an even more dense habit. The leaves have a pleasant smell when crushed.

Correa mannii- A good tough hybrid between reflexa x pulchella, with deep pink bells in winter. Hardy to dry shady conditions.

Correa ‘Mini Marvel’ – a small and very compact version of Marians Marvel, growing to 30cm x 60cm. it has green and pink tubular flowers from March to September. Full sun to quite shady.

Plants are grown in tubes 50mm square, 120mm deep, and are grown on outdoor benches to be sun, wind and frost hardy and ready to plant straight to your garden or bigger pots

*****Price includes postage!*****


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