Bush Tucker Collection – 8 tubes


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The Bush Tucker Collection is designed to provide you with flavours and fruits that are lesser known perhaps but very rewarding plants to grow… and eat

Commonly known as Pigface or the traditional name Karkalla, Carpobrotus ‘Pink Passion’ is a form of this vigorous ground covering succulent that produces edible fruit tasting like salty figs that form from the large pink blooms that are produced throughout the warmer months. Very wind, drought and salt tolerant plant.

The Geraldton Waxflower (Chamelaucium uncinatum) is best known for its mass displays of pink star-like blooms on a dense medium sized shrub. However, in recent times various innovative chefs are making culinary use of the foliage which has a citrus/sherbert-like tang that is great for flavouring dishes or beverages. A great plant for the well-drained soils ofsouthern Australia in particular.

Currant Bush (Coprosma quadrifidus) has edible reddish berries and is found naturally in southeastern Australia and forms a dense shrub several metres tall that makes a good hedge plant as well as its somewhat prickly foliage making it also great protection and habitat for small birds such as wrens and finches.

The Tick Bush (Kunzea ambigua) is a variable shrubby species from the Eucalyptus family that grows widely in the southeast of Australia and has adapted really well in cultivation. It has recently become a sought after plant for its wonderfully perfumed, aromatic foliage that produces an essential oil that can be used both as a food flavour as well as having anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

**** Price includes postage! ****

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