BUSH TUCKER Mix – 4 varieties, 8 tubes


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The Bush Tucker Pack contains 8 tubes in total, 2 each of the following varieties-

Mentha saturoides – bush mint – The unique mint flavour is a feature of this low clumping native herb. It makes a perfect pot plant as it does send out runners and will spread to fill whatever space it is given, but regular light trimming for use in the kitchen will keep it in shape. Can be used in any dish where you you use normal mint – salads, sauces, drinks, cocktails etc

Atriplex cinerea – coastal saltbush – an attractive and useful plant for very coastal areas and saline soils…. can rehabilitate soils and erosion. It is a great ingredient in the kitchen –  the leaves can be used for their salty, herby flavour for stir fries and casseroles, to add to stuffings, salt rub mixes, and marinades. They can also be cooked like spinach. It has attractive silvery grey foliage.

Lomandra longifolia – A hardy perennial suited to a wide range of positions, from sandy soil to clay, sun to part shade. Common all along the east coast of Australia from Tasmania to Queensland, on sandy soils and swamps. Tolerates dry spells but regular watering will stimulate new growth, can handle wet spells as long as they are not prolonged. The base of the leaves are edible, the sweet scented flowers provide nectar, the seeds can be ground for flour, and foliage can be used for basket making. Flowers in winter and spring, followed by seeds a month or two later.

Carpobrotus rossii ‘Pink Passion’ – hardy ground covering perennial succulent. It can spread to 3 metres wide. It has large, silky bright pink flowers in spring and summer. Drought, salt and somewhat frost resistant. A fast growing, easy care plant that can be used for stablisation of dunes and banks. Likes a well drained soil, from clay loam to sandy. The plant is moderately fire retardant, so is good planted close to homes instead of more flammable plants. The ripe fruit is best eaten by sucking the seeds and pulp out from the base, and has a fruity, salty taste. The leaves are edible and have a salty crunch, they can be used fresh, steamed or pickled, they team well with meat dishes. The juice from the leaves can be applied to relieve insect bites.

Plants are grown in tubes 50mm square, 120mm deep, and are grown on outdoor benches to be sun, wind and frost hardy and ready to plant straight to your garden or bigger pots

*****Price includes postage!*****


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