Collectors Corner – ‘Rare’ Plants – Wollemi Pine + others – 8 tubes


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You won’t find a native plant collection quite like this list of rare and unusual native plants that is designed for those who want plants that are not readily available elsewhere. Starting with the mythical Wollemi Pine, an ancient conifer whose closest relatives were fodder for the dinosaurs.  It needs the right spot either in a large pot in a sheltered spot in the garden, or a well-drained position in well dug and prepared soil.

Regelia ciliata belongs to a beautiful Western Australian group of plants that feature bottlebrush like flower heads and creates a beautiful and tough small shrub with attractive greyish hairy, heart-shaped leaves and mauve flowers in spring through summer.

The Granite Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca elliptica) grows naturally on the WA south coast but adapts well to gardens from Sydney to Hobart and makes a dense, screening/hedging plant with red bottlebrush flower heads that is pefect for any poorly drained problem spots in the garden.

The Tick Bush (Kunzea ambigua) is a variable species that grows widely in the southeast of Australia and has adapted really well in cultivation. ‘Wills Selection’ is a Tasmanian form that features an upright shrubby habit that makes for great screens or hedges several metres tall and wide. It has nectar laden white fluffy flowers that emerge from attractive pink buds while the fine foliage is pleasantly aromatic when crushed.

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is a very adaptable and widespread tea tree that is widely grown for its compact habit and profuse spring flower display that also provides medicinal Manuka honey for those with beehives. We are offering a special Tasmanian form of Manuka known botanically as the variety Eximium which has an especially dense, compact form that will withstand wind, salt and makes an outstanding screening plant.

Melaleuca gibbosa ‘Pink Passion’ – This compact free flowering pink form of Slender Honey Myrtle has delicate fine leaves and is perfect for areas of the garden with moist soils and/or poor drainage as it makes a good screen or hedge plant to about 1 and a half metres

The Cape Pillar Sheoak (Allocasuarina crassa) has an architectural form with its arching branches with coarse needle leaves. It forms a spreading shrub to small tree and originates from southern Tasmania, and is a tough plant that can withstand waterlogging and drought and does well in heavy soils and heavy frost. Grow it in full sun to part shade.

8 tubes in total

****Price includes postage!****

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