Easy Care Groundcover Collection


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A great collection of easy care groundcover plants

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Carpobrotus ‘Pink Passion’ This plant is a tough ground covering perennial succulent. It can spread to 3 metres wide. It has large, silky bright pink flowers in spring and summer. Drought, salt and somewhat frost resistant. A fast growing, easy care plant that can be used for stablisation of dunes and banks. It also makes a great living mulch that may help stop the spread of a bushfire in a garden situation.

Brachyscome ‘Mauve Mystery’ This popular and very easy care Australian native daisy is grown for its dainty soft green foliage and masses of intriguing mauve and white flowers produced during the year. The flowers are mainly mauve, but can also sometimes have white areas or be all pale mauve to white. A great plant for edging, containers and baskets, and massed planting where it can provide year round flowering. Suits a wide area, from warmer climates like Sydney and Brisbane to cooler climates (in positions protected from heavy frost) such as Hobart and Canberra.

Thryptomene saxicola Masses of tiny pink flowers over a very long period and a compact low growing shrubby habit define this very useful Australian shrub. Great as a low growing hedge that completely covers about a square metre. Very tough and adaptable, but needs relatively good drainage. It can be pruned by occasionally trimming off branches to use as cut flowers, or else give it a light trim coming out of winter. The foliage is spicily fragrant.

Westringia ‘Bulli Coastal Carpet’ is a ground covering form of a plant that is commonly known as Coastal Rosemary. Attractive grey foliage spills along the ground and is dotted with small white flowers for a large part of the year. Tolerates salt, wind and drought and is one of the toughest of all Australian plants.

**** Price includes postage! ****

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