Insect Banquet Pack – 4 varieties, 8 tubes


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A great collection of 4 different easy care and beaut tough little shrubs that all have loads of nectar rich flowers, perfect to feed visiting bees, pollinators and all sorts of interesting insects in gardens large and small. The Insects Banquet Mix has 2 tubes each of the following 4 varieties, 8 tubes in total-

Kunzea baxteri Pink – A lovely little shrub that will brighten the winter garden with pink bottlebrush flowers which contrast with the bluish coloured foliage. It will also make the bird life happy with the nectar laden blooms. It grows to a neat two metres high and a metre wide, which makes it useful for low hedges and screens. Good in a sunny to a lightly shaded spot, and does well in most soils. Tolerates light frost and wind and dry spells.

Kunzea ambigua ‘Wills Selection’ – An upright Tasmanian form of Kunzea ambigua, it has abundant pink buds that open to white flowers. Grows from 2 to 4 metres high, 2 to 3 metres wide. Attracts birds and insects, including colourful beetles. Well drained, sunny sites. A great bushfood plant thanks to the aromatic leaves which are useful for flavouring food and tea, for essential oil production. Likes sandy soils but is adaptable to most.

Regelia ciliata – a lovely mid-sized tough little shrub growing from 1-2 metres high and wide, it has attractive small leafed foliage, but comes alive in the warm months with clusters of mauve fluffy flowers which are highly attractive to all sorts of pollinators and other insects thanks to the abundant nectar. Drought and frost hardy and very low maintenance, a trim after flowering is about all it needs.

Kunzea badjaensis ‘Badja Carpet’ – A hardy and easy care mounded ground covering to prostrate shrub that comes alive in early summer with masses of fluffy white flowers. It has a spread of up to 4 metres, with a height of 30cms. The dark green leaves are small and aromatic when crushed, new stems are an attractive dark red. A very adaptable plant for a wide range of conditions, rarely troubled by pests. Very frost tolerant. Can grow in sun to part shade, growth is quicker in sunny positions.

Plants are grown in tubes 50mm square, 120mm deep, and are grown on outdoor benches to be sun, wind and frost hardy and ready to plant straight to your garden or bigger pots

*****Price includes postage!*****


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