Native Smoke Granules


Contents: Approx. 3.5 grams

Research at Perth’s Kings Park & Botanic Gardens has shown that smoke can provide a major boost to the germination of many Australian native plant seeds, and that some plants actually require the smoke from bushfires to trigger germination. These Native Smoke Granules are vermiculite granules which have been soaked in smoke impregnated water which has been proven to be an easy and effective way to simulate the effect of bushfire smoke without the mess!

A packet of Gardening with Angus Native Smoke Granules will cover a total area of 12cm x 20cm. If seeds are sown in rows, then the vermiculite will go further if you just sprinkle it on top of the rows with the seed underneath. It takes only a tiny amount of the active ingredient in the granules to start germination. For more guidance on the use of Native Smoke Granules, read this article>>>

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