Tasmanian Groundcover Collection – 8 tubes


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The Tasmanian bush conjures up images of wilderness and nature at its finest. We have selected 4 stunning southern specials that capture the spirit of Tasmania, and can be used to create unique carpets in your garden. Whether it be spilling over an embankment or cascading from a pot, you will love the wildlife attracted by the nectar filled blooms that are particularly well visited by honeyeaters and spinebills. All 4 are tough, can take a bit of frost and are easy care plants that benefit from a light prune behind the spent flowers each spring. Feed them at the same time with a handful of a native plant fertiliser such as Bush Tucker to stimulate the new growth for the following year’s flowers.

Kunzea ambigua prostrate – the kunzeas are an under-rated group of Australian plants that are closely related to bottle brushes and have wonderfully aromatic flowers and foliage. This species is widespread around south eastern Australia and thrives in variable soils across a vast area.
Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) Prostrate form, renowned for the medicinal honey that derives from its nectar, this plant is available as a ground covering, low growing form that flowers profusely with white star-like blooms.

Australia has a handful of Clematis species that are good replacements for their exotic cousins that are more often seen in general nurseries. This hardy Tasmanian, Clematis gentianoides, features large starry white flowers on a plant that forms a low growing mound about 50cm across so that is about the spacing you will need between plants to get a full ground cover.

The Native Fuchsia (Correa reflexa) is widespread across southeastern Australia, with many outstanding forms in cultivation. ‘Northern Belle’ is a low growing, mounding type of Native Fuchsia that originates in north eastern Tasmania. This plant makes a great feature that can spread to a couple of metres to give a bird magnet at the front of a garden bed.

****Price includes postage!****

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