Tetragonia tetragonoides – Warrigal Greens


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Tetragonia tetragonoides – Warrigal Greens, Native Spinach

This is an edible groundcover with a trailing habit. While not related to true spinach, the leaves can be used in a similar way. Like true spinach, it is high in iron, beta carotene and folic acid, and like spinach, it contains oxalates, which can be lessened by blanching in very hot water and draining off the water before use. A tough plant that can handle dry spells, but planted in an open position with moist, light fertile soil, it will produce a flourishing plant.  Best in full sun, but can be grown in shadier spots as well. Grow as an annual in frosty areas, biennial in areas with no frost.

20 seeds per pack. Soak seed overnight, sow 12mm deep in seed raising mix, or direct sow where you want them to grow, keep moist. Germination is in 7 to 21 days. Sow in spring, summer.

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