The Waterwise Australian Native Garden & FREE Wildflower Card Set

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This is a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated book by Angus Stewart and A.B. Bishop on how to create  garden based on Australian plants.

The contents of this book are the same as the hardback version, The Australian Native Garden, but re-released in a softcover version with a slightly cheaper price. The title was changed to highlight the water saving advice given throughout the book, and in hopes of encouraging people to plant Australian native plants to cope with increasing drought conditions and water restrictions.

Angus and A.B. take you on a journey around Australia, firstly looking at the Australian flora in the wild, and secondly, showcasing gardens around the country from large to small. There are comprehensive chapters  on how to create your native garden from scratch including growing bush foods, soil preparation, cultivation techniques, minimising fire and drought risks, pruning, fertilising and maintenance.  The book concludes with a comprehensive illustrated listing of recently released Australian plant cultivars.


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