Tube-O-Worms – Live Worms approx. 1000 – organic


Tube-O-Worms includes approximately 1000 live composting worms, eggs and bedding material.

**** Price includes postage and handling ****

The worms are rolled in wrap of cardboard to create extra surface for them to live in and stop worms from balling up and stressing. They are then placed in a tube that facilitates this rolling process. Ventilated plastic end caps allow for cross ventilation and breathing to ensure the worms arrive to the customer in the best possible shape.

  • Healthy worms delivered straight to your door
  • Tube is 100% recyclable
  • Worms, eggs and bedding in one
  • Worms help to create nutrient rich compost for your garden

Note– worms are dispatched separately from other products to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition. Orders are shipped on the next available Monday after purchase.

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