Wollemi Pine Seedlings


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8 tubes of seedling Wollemi Pines

This Australian native conifer caused a sensation when it was discovered in the wilderness of Wollemi National Park in NSW as its closest known relatives are fossils from the dinosaur era. It belongs to the Araucaria family which features native conifers such as the Bunya and Norfolk Island Pine and has a similar pyramid shape when mature. The dark green textured foliage contrasts well with the interstingly textured dark brown bark to form a very distinctive feature plant for the garden. The seed cones are also an attractive feature. This tree can be temperamental in cultivation as it is somewhat susceptible to root rot so ensure that you give it a well drained spot in your garden or grow it in a pot. It can make a great potted live Christmas tree given good care and a suitable large container.

**** Price includes postage! *****


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