How do I grow Rosemary?
Now is a fantastic time to establish this versatile Mediterranean plant which doubles as a culinary delight as well as being very decorative especially when in flower. Perhaps the most common form is upright with blue flowers with the variety ‘€˜Blue Lagoon’€™ being a good choice. However, less common forms include those with pink (eg ‘Pink Remembrance’€™) and white flowers (eg ‘Sissinghurst White’€™) that are available from specialist herb nurseries. Another variation worth looking out for is a ground covering type such as the variety ‘Jackman’€™s Prostrate’€™, which looks great spilling over walls and pots.

Rosemary is a long-lived perennial shrub or ground cover that thrives in a sunny well-drained position. It dislikes boggy conditions, but is very drought tolerant. Cut back by a third to encourage a more compact habit, as rosemary can become a bit sprawling if left unchecked.

The shoot tips can be pinched out to provide extra flavour for a wide range of dishes with the old favourite being sprigs of rosemary dotted into a lamb roast.

Rosemary is another herb that has great medicinal and useful properties. ‘Rosemary for rememberance’ has a basis in fact, as research shows that it can increase blood flow to the head and brain. It stimulates the immune system and is anti-inflammatory. So when you add it to your cooking, you are also helping your health! Plant one today, and you’ll have rosemary sprigs on hand to commemorate Anzac day.