How do I grow Sage?
Salvia officinalis is a drought tolerant small shrub that has been used in as a culinary herb in its native Mediterranean region for hundreds of years. It has a rather strong flavour that is used to add spice to various meat dishes and also for stuffing.

Sage should be planted in a sunny well-drained spot convenient to the kitchen and needs little maintenance apart from a once a year feed in spring with a handful of controlled release fertiliser. When it is required in the kitchen simply pinch out the growing tips, as this will also stimulate new growth for your next culinary adventure. Sage dislikes cold and very wet soil.

Being in the Lamiaceae family, sage is very attractive to bees when it is in flower. Native bees particularly love it, so not only can you have a useful herb for your culinary adventures, you can also encourage our bees.

It is reputed to be a medicinal plant. There is  good research that it can enhance memory, mood and alertness.