All of these trees are only for parks, farms etc as they are very large both above and below ground. Trees should not be planted close to structures, paths, drainage systems etc as they have root systems that can potentially cause extensive and costly damage, plus large limbs that can drop in high winds and storms. That small seedling you plant can grow as large as the trees in the following pictures!

1 Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum)

Because each tree has its own amazing gnarled character.

2 Corymbia ficifolia (Flowering Gum)

Because of their unsurpassed stunning displays of iridescent flowers.

3 Corymbia citriodora (Lemon-scented Gum)

Because of the sensuous bark and amazing lemon aroma after a shower of rain.

4 Grevillea robusta (Silky Oak)

Because of the ferny foliage and brilliant golden-orange flowers.

Note that Grevilleas can cause skin problems for people with sensitive skin, protective wear is recommended if affected. Also the sawdust from Grevillea robusta can be an irritant to skin and the respiratory system, protective wear is recommended when trimming and cutting and for woodworkers who use the beautiful timber

5 Alloxylon flammeum (Tree Waratah)

Because of the stunning red flowers.

6 Eucalyptus cinerea (Argyle Apple)

Because of the beautiful round blue foliage.

7 Wollemia nobilis (Wollemi Pine)

Because of the unique foliage, bark and shape.

8 Eucalyptus haemostoma (Scribbly Gum)

Because of the gnarly shape and interesting insect scribbles on the smooth white bark.

9 Araucaria bidwillii (Bunya Pine)

Because of the wonderful symmetrical shape and amazing fruits. This one is for large areas, and need to be able to be isolated at fruiting time, as bunya cones can weigh ten kilos!

10 Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum)

Because of the shape of the tree and its graceful pendulous foliage.