This is a new ground covering form of an old favourite Australian plant the coastal rosemary. It is an ultra-tough plant that will tolerate extremely windy and salty conditions such as near the coast. It also has a dense habit which deters weed growth. A great plant for easy care gardens and for landscaping work.

It grows to a height of around 30cm and will spread to a couple of metres. It produces its delicate white flowers for most of the year and requires minimal inputs of water and fertiliser. It also tolerates a wide range of soil conditions including clay.

It also works incredibly well as a ground cover in those difficult shady spots under trees, and particularly large gum trees.

The greyish foliage makes a lovely backdrop for flowering plants such as kangaroo paws. If you are looking for the best groundcover plant in Australian natives, it would be hard to go past Westringia Flat’n’Fruity!