Festive Seed Collection


Decorate your garden with this collection of festive red flowers! We have brought together 3 uniquely Australian plants, the Sturt’s desert pea, the scarlet banksia and a true breeding line of red everlasting daisies.

Sturt’s Desert Pea– an iconic desert flower, which can be home grown given the right conditions.  The bright red flowers are highlighted by the shiny black centre, and can be used for cut flowers or just enjoyed on the plant. It has a prostrate habit with deep roots, needs a sandy soil and great drainage in a sunny spot and dislikes humidity – growing in tall containers, hanging baskets and similar can help create the right conditions for growing success. Approximately40 -50 seeds per pack

Scarlet banksia (Banksia coccinea)- an attractive shrub to about 4 metres, it really lights up when it flowers, with the bright scarlet red blooms. Left on the plant, they are great for visiting birds and insects, creating great habitat, also make great cut flowers. Prefers a  deep well-drained soil on an open sunny position, dislikes heavy waterlogged soils. 5 seeds per pack.

Everlasting daisy (Xerochrysum bracteanthum) –  Australian native daisy with red flowers with a sunny golden centre, fantastic for dried flowers, they keep their colour and can last for years. Great for flower gardens, containers, garden beds, coastal areas. Low maintenance, though a bit of extra care will see more blooms and happy plants. Makes a fantastic cut or dried flower lasting indefinitely. Flowers from spring through to autumn. Approximately 140 seeds per pack

Please Note:  Seeds can be sent to all Australian states with the exception of Tasmania. Plants can only be sent to Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania. Quarantine restrictions mean that we cannot send plants to S.A., W.A. or the NT.

We can only sell our products to Australian customers. All products apart from the seeds have the postage prices included in the price. Seeds have a flat $10 postage charge which will be added at the checkout. Multiple packets of seeds can be ordered for the $10 postage charge.