Strawflower Seed Collection


A beautiful collection of everlasting daisy varieties to brighten the garden, for cut and dried flowers, also a great butterfly and pollinator plant.

Create beautiful habitat!

Xerochrysum bracteatum is a low growing soft-wooded perennial which can be grown as an annual, as it flowers a few months after germinating. It is perfect for garden bedding situations and will often renew itself from seed every year if allowed to grow to maturity. A good heat tolerant plant, it performs best in full sun but will still bloom well in light shade. Tip pruning the plants when young will help form more compact plants and give more flowers. While they are drought tolerant once established, dry soil conditions will tend to reduce  flowering so some extra water when they are budding up will help them reach their full potential. To preserve the flowers, pick while in bud and hang upside down until dry, the dried flowers can last for years and will keep their colour.

SEED SOWING – Sow in spring and autumn, can also be sown in summer if not too hot. If sowing direct where they are to grow, sprinkle lightly around and gently rake in. It is not critical to cover all the seed. Germination will be around 7 to 14 days. If sowing in containers, use a good quality seed raising mix and sprinkle seeds thinly over the soil surface. Give just a sprinkle of seed mix over them, as they should be very close to the surface of the soil, buried too deeply and they may die before they can emerge. Water with fine mist spray so as not to wash the seed away. Place in a warm shaded or semi-shaded position to avoid drying  and keep moist but not wet, and avoid drying out or waterlogging.

Each packet contains approximately 140 seeds.

The Gardening With Angus seed range is a mix of species that are either wild sourced from licensed harvesters or superior species selections grown in cultivation. The seeds are thoroughly tested for quality, viability & germination. They are meticulously cleaned followed by oxygen deprivation storage, before being sealed for freshness within a heat sealed seed sachet.