The Waterpot Small Round 1.25 Litre Olla


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Materials: Low-fired porous Terracotta clay
1.25 Litre capacity with lid – not to be used as a drinks vessel
Size: Diameter 12cm  Height: 18cm
Designed in Australia, hand-cast in China

Say goodbye to over or under-watering! Our Waterpot Ollas are ideal for small container gardens both indoors and outdoors.

Olla gardening is an ancient method of irrigation used for thousands of years in ancient civilisations in places such as North Africa and China; burying a porous terracotta Waterpot up to its neck in your container or garden bed and filling it with water will provide natural and efficient watering right at your plants’ roots.

It takes the guesswork out of when and how often to water your garden – essential during times of water restrictions, for dry/arid areas, when away on holidays, and if you don’t have time to stand with a hose!

Very simply put, ollas slowly leak out water to feed the plants. However, the process is a lot more delicate and refined than that. Ollas are made of low-fire and unglazed clay; as a result, they are porous. The olla wall is filled with minuscule holes that allow water to move slowly through the wall of the olla. The olla naturally operates under atmospheric pressure, meaning that it works under the natural conditions of the surrounding environment and does not need any man-made forces.

Ollas rely on the simplicity of natural forces to function, which makes them both simple and ideal. Thousands of years ago, humans were using the same scientific principles to water their crops
No hoses, pipes, timers or power are required – nothing could be simpler! Take the guesswork out of how to keep your plants watered. See them thrive through self-regulating their own water intake. Save time, save water, and save your plants when you are away!

Urban farming and gardening made easy.

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