Kangaroo Paw Seed Collection


The Kangaroo Paw Collection – contains one packet each of Tall Red and Tall Green flavidus kangaroo paws- This wild species kangaroo paw is the most reliable and long lived of this group. The tall spikes of  flowers in spring and summer are bird attracting garden plant, and make good cut flowers. The leathery, dark green leaves are very tough and tend to hold up better against ink spot than all other kangaroo paws.  Removing the dead flower stems and their associated foliage after flowering plus a handful of any good fertiliser is about all the care they need. It is very tolerant of a wide range of soil types including clay soils. It is also tolerant of humidity and quite damp positions.

The third pack of seeds in the collection is the red and green kangaroo paw, Anoigozanthos manglesii. While this species is not as bullet proof as the tall flavidus varieties, the spectacular velvety bright green and red flowers are worth the extra care needed to grow. It flowers from late winter through to summer. While it prefers a sandy well drained soil, it performs well in large pots and raised beds as well. Watering them via the soil rather than overhead will help them to avoid disease issues and grow at their best.

The fourth packet contains smoke granules, which will ensure the best germination of kangaroo paw seeds.

Each pack of seeds contains approximately 70 seeds, and the smoke granules contains 3.5 grams of treated granules, enough to treat the 3 packs of kangaroo paw seeds if the directions are followed.

SOWING INSTRUCTIONS – Sow in a protected position in autumn or spring. Scatter seeds thinly onto a good quality seed raising mix, and cover lightly with mix to the thickness of the seed. It is beneficial to germination to use a smoke treatment when you sow the seed, smoke granules are a fuss free way to do this- sachets of smoke granules are also available on this shop. Keep moist but not wet until germination starts. Germination should be in 2 to 6 weeks. Transplant seedlings to their own pot when large enough to handle. Keep watered and plant out to their permanent position when larger.

The Gardening With Angus seed range is a mix of species that are either wild sourced from licensed harvesters or superior species selections grown in cultivation. The seeds are thoroughly tested for quality, viability & germination. They are meticulously cleaned followed by oxygen deprivation storage, before being sealed for freshness within a heat sealed seed sachet.