Waratah Seeds – Telopea speciosissima


*** Approximately 10 seeds per packet ***

This iconic plant is deservedly the floral emblem of NSW, with it’s beautiful bright red flower heads that are much admired and sought after. It can grow from a large shrub to small tree size in ideal conditions. The flowers are nectar rich and attract birds, they are also great cut flowers.

Waratahs grow well on a sandy loam soil with good drainage and some supplementary watering if conditions are very dry. They like good air flow around them, so don’t place too close to other plants. They appreciate leaf litter as a mulch. If a well drained spot isn’t available in the garden then a raised mound or bed should be created for it, alternatively it can be grown in a large container. Waratahs are phosphorus sensitive so should only be fed (if needed) with a good native fertiliser.

SEED SOWING РWaratahs grow readily from seed, and no special pretreatment is needed before sowing. Viability lessens as the seed gets older. Plant in spring to autumn using good seed raising mix, and cover with soil to the same depth as the seed, do not plant too deeply. Keep the soil moist but not wet as the seed can rot in boggy conditions, or not germinate if they dry out. Germination should be in 14 to 21 days after sowing.  Plants should be potted up as soon as they are large enough to handle, being careful not to disturb the roots too much.

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The Gardening With Angus seed range is a mix of species  that are either wild sourced from licensed harvesters or superior species selections grown in cultivation. The seeds are thoroughly tested for quality, viability & germination. They are meticulously cleaned followed by oxygen deprivation storage, before being sealed for freshness within a heat sealed seed sachet.