Copper Dish – Large


The Large Spun Copper Dish is perfect for a wide and shallow bird bath. It is 78cm wide by 5 to 6cm deep, and holds 12 litres of water. It weighs just under 5kg by itself and around 20kg when loaded with water and a rock.

Birds like to bathe in shallow water and this dish will serve birds of all sizes. It is a beautiful addition to the garden.

The large dish comes with a copper supporting ring which can be used by those who wish to fashion their own stand.

They are fabricated in Australia. Made from copper, they do not have any clear coating applied, so as to help inhibit the growth of algae and mosquito larvae in the water. The dish will develop a patina as time goes on.

Price includes delivery around Australia, excepting WA and the NT. Please email for shipping quotes to WA and the NT

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