Sturt’s Desert Pea Seeds – Swainsonia formosa


*** 40 -50 seeds per packet approximately***

An iconic flower from arid desert regions in central Australia, with distinctive red flowers highlighted by the deep black centres. It has pinnate grey green leaves, and it is mostly sprawling and low growing in habit.
To grow the Sturt’s desert pea, it needs perfect drainage, full sun, and minimal watering once the seedling becomes established. A good way to grow in the garden, is in a large tub or a terracotta drainage pipe stood upright and filled with gritty free draining soil. Hanging baskets are also a great way to grow them. It is usually treated as an annual, and should flower 4 months after sowing from seed.

SEED SOWING – Sow in spring and summer. Seeds need scarification for best germination, this is done by immersing the seed in boiling water, leave to soak in the cooling water overnight. Plant in good quality seed raising mix. Keep moist but not wet. Germination should be in 7 to 10 days.  It is best to plant where they are to grow as they resent root disturbance, if you need to grow them in pots before planting, handle carefully when repotting.

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The Gardening With Angus seed range is a mix of species  that are either wild sourced from licensed harvesters or superior species selections grown in cultivation. The seeds are thoroughly tested for quality, viability & germination. They are meticulously cleaned followed by oxygen deprivation storage, before being sealed for freshness within a heat sealed seed sachet.